Trusted Northern Ohio Home Renovator

Brookline Associates is a development company that deals in tax certificate purchases, single family, duplex, and triplex renovations for sale and rentals, and apartment conversions to condominiums. Our home renovation and sale is currently limited to the Northern Ohio area. While our conversion business is national, we will go where ever the apartments take us.

Singles, Duplexs, Triplexs: We buy and renovate over 100 units per year. We keep 75% of our renovations but we do sell 25% of our product. Our pricing for these range in the area of $25,000 to $60,000. Our returns are currently in the 10% to 18% ROI.

Conversions: We are constantly looking for “A to B” quality apartments to convert. We would prefer the project have at least 25 units but we will do smaller properties, if the return is there. Our conversions are set for owner occupant sales. We have found that these yield the highest ROI for our Investors. It also allows us to get in and out of a project in less than 2 years.

If you are an investor looking for passive returns with high yields email us for more information, pictures, spread sheets, or to discuss what you are looking for in regards to real estate returns. There is no minimum investment required and we understand that real estate is not for everyone.